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Advanced-stainless.com is a dynamic machinery website. We offer different types of machinery systems that helps customers to know about all machineries, equipments, tools that used in daily life.

Embroidery Machine

You are thinking about buying an embroidery machine. The great thing about that is that there are many embroidery machines on the market today for you to purchase. There are all different in shape, size, and style. Each one has


Known as the Multi-Drop Bus (MDB) board, the machines that are currently supplied by foreign countries have controllers in the equipment that are not of US origin. They are not designed to adhere to the vending industry standards, and are

We use several different companies for our different demographics for accounting purposes.

Don’t let these scare tactics convince you to buy low-quality vending machines made overseas instead of quality, American made vending machines from United Marketing Associates Corporation.

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Vending Machine

We own several vending machine companies, some of them sell to corporations, some sell retail to individual store owners, and some sell to customers like you who buy wholesale and direct. We use several different companies for our different demographics

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A Machine is a equipment, taht especially Made to do task easily.

Mr. Biping Singh CEO

Well, before you commit to a purchase, there are a many things that you should ask of the Machine company.



We at United Marketing want to make sure that you are an informed consumer. Your Machine business is just as important to us as it is to you.